Month: July 2011

  • How To Write A Good Blog Post & The 'Mini Skirt' Rule

    What makes a great blog post? There are many answers to that question and one is to use the mini skirt rule: “Make sure you have enough to cover the topic, but keep it short enough to stay interesting!”

  • Microsites & SEO: Quantity Or Quality?

    If your business operates more than one company or sells more than one brand, you may currently have more than one website or a main website and separate ‘satellite’ or ‘micro-sites.’ At one time, this would have given you the opportunity to create some links between the sites and to target more keywords by spreading […]

  • Going Places? Try Google Places

    Nobody would turn down the opportunity of getting their business listed on the first page of Google for free, would they? However, many are turning down just such an opportunity by not using Google Places.