Month: May 2014

  • Protecting Your Link Profile

    As Google continues its crusade in ridding the internet of unnatural spam links, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to both maintain and improve a sites link profile without risking a dreaded Google penalty. Now the first thing to remember is that having a link penalty on your site is not the end of the […]

  • Elanic Quiz: Breast Cancer Quiz

    We partnered with Elanic LTD to create a breast awareness quiz with the aim of raising awareness for breast cancer and to improve knowledge of how to spot the possible signs of breast cancer earlier. The quiz asks questions regarding to some shocking statistics related to breast cancer and provides two possible answers, once the […]

  • Elanic Infographic: A Detailed Look At Breast Cancer

    We created this infographic in partnership with Elanic LTD, a leading cosmetic surgery in Glasgow to promote breast cancer awareness and also to inform women of the best way to check themselves for possible breast cancer issues. The infographic starts by informing readers of how cancer actually mutates within the human body. It then goes […]

  • The Best Ecommerce Platform For SEO: How To Perform Your Own Free Technical Ecommerce SEO Audit

    In order to increase the exposure of your ecommerce websites pages in the Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs] and to give them the best chance of ranking as high as possible; your website must meet Google’s Quality Guidelines in terms of technical, design and content.