Month: November 2014

  • Mobile Search Rank Determined By Desktop Page Speed

    Although Google has made a lot of noise about its recent efforts to improve its mobile search capabilities, in particular via the introduction of a mobile-friendly label for sites appearing in relevant SERPs, it seems that the influence of desktop pages is still significant in this emerging arena.

  • Google Officially Launches Mobile Friendly Search Label

    The rising number of people using smartphones and tablets to search the web and access sites has not gone unnoticed by Google, which has spent the majority of 2014 tweaking its products to accommodate the shift in browsing habits amongst millions of its users internationally and now it has officially announced the introduction of a […]

  • The Periodic Table Of Ecommerce Success Factors Infographic

    This infographic is a flat version of our periodic table of eCommerce success factors. The periodic table is inspired by’s periodic table of SEO success factors. The table also uses factors mentioned in Moz’s article – Choosing an SEO friendly eCommerce platform. The table is broken down into four categories content, technical, design and […]