Month: February 2018

  • It’s Time to Meet AMP Stories

    It’s time to meet AMP stories It is undeniable that smartphones have changed the world, or at least, they have revolutionised the ways we both want and choose to engage with the largest digital space of all, the Internet. The digital landscape has evolved rapidly and will continue to change consistently in response to new […]

  • Keywords Still Matter in the Modern SEO Landscape and Here’s Why

    Keywords still matter in the modern SEO landscape and here’s why You might have heard rumblings from within certain spheres that keywords are obsolete or are no longer as important within today’s modern SEO landscape as they once were. This simply isn’t the case. A brief overview of SEO keywords Encompassing singular words, compound phrases […]

  • Data-driven Solutions to Assist in the Uncovering of Effective Content Strategies

    Data-driven solutions to assist in the uncovering of effective content strategies Content is an extraordinarily important component of every digital strategy, for businesses both large and small. Content creation itself is no easy feat and sometimes, even the very best creatives struggle to form coherent ideas that will ultimately go on to drive positive results. […]

  • 4 crucial components to the successful sourcing of link-building prospects

    2018 will see Google’s machine learning technology get even smarter, ultimately helping this powerful search engine to match content with user intent. Link profile data will form an integral component of this process, which means that the construction of a healthy and strong link profile should very quickly find itself shuffled towards the top of […]