Month: April 2018

  • Are Meta Descriptions Under Threat?

    Are meta descriptions under threat? Meta descriptions are HTML attributes which concisely describe the contents of a webpage. Prior to December 2017, it was recommended that meta descriptions didn’t exceed 160 characters, as longer descriptions were either truncated or regenerated by Google on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google generates its own ideal page descriptions […]

  • When To Use Nofollow Links

    When to use nofollow links Despite launching over a decade ago and remaining unchanged since 2005, the nofollow attribute is still one of the most prevalent sources of search engine optimisation (SEO) confusion. Nofollow 101: from implementation to present day Every early 2000s SEO practitioner understood that links were a crucial component of Google’s ranking […]

  • Improve The Performance of Your Website with These 4 Simple SEO Tasks

    Improve the performance of your website with these 4 simple SEO tasks As the world of SEO is often complex and intricate, wanting to make some simple gains to boost the overall performance of your website is both understandable and advisable. Implementing responsive design Most online traffic today comes from mobile devices, which is why […]

  • Free Business Directories: The Top 93 Online Directories To List Your Business On

    The most important things for any business is attracting customers. This is the biggest challenge that businesses face so finding as many ways to attract customers as possible is a top priority. An older generation of business owners would have turned to the Yellow Pages or Thompson Local to advertise their business and create awareness […]