Month: May 2018

  • How to Select an Effective and Enduring Domain Name

    How to Select an Effective and Enduring Domain Name As one of your most powerful digital assets, selecting your domain name will be one of the most important business decisions you will make. Although it sounds like a straightforward process, there are several things you should consider before making your final decision. Matching your Brand […]

  • Why Responsive Design Isn’t Enough

    Why responsive design isn’t enough The importance of optimising for mobile search cannot be overstated. The majority of Google searches are now conducted using a tablet or smartphone and approximately 70% of mobile searchers are more likely to purchase from a business with a mobile website which addresses their needs. Additionally, the roll out of […]

  • Create Content to Satisfy Audiences and Search Engines By Looking Beyond Keywords

    Create content to satisfy audiences and search engines by looking beyond keywords If you thought you had finally seen the last of the phrase ‘Content is King’, now is the time to take a deep breath, because it’s back. There’s no escaping the fact that content is hugely important in the digital sphere. In fact, […]

  • Are You Rejecting Link Building Opportunities That You Should Be Considering?

    Are you rejecting link building opportunities that you should be considering? Link building certainly isn’t easy, but being a link snob could be hampering the potential reach of your website and the subsequent growth of your business and be detrimental to your overall content marketing outreach strategy. It is, of course, imperative to avoid building […]

  • Are You Optimising For The Wrong Keywords?

    Keywords are an integral component of search engine optimisation (SEO). They help to guide everything from blog content creation to on-page strategy and often play a substantial role in the link building process. But although keywords are undoubtedly one of the core foundational elements of every healthy SEO strategy, they can also be deceptive. Complex […]