Month: November 2018

  • 4 Social Media Sites Driving Retail Sales in 2018

    There are over 3.03 billion active social media users around the world, social media is more than just a platform to connect with friends or to share pictures of your breakfast. Big platforms are trying to develop new ways of engaging potential customers into buying products via their channels. Here is a breakdown of how […]

  • Amazon Claims Cyber Monday Broke Sales Records

    Amazon has claimed that Cyber Monday and Black Friday were the biggest shopping days in its history.  The online retailer hasn’t disclosed sales figures from the days but have stated that their customers order 180 million item’s during the five day event. Customers Order “180 Million Items During The Five Day Event They also claim […]

  • Google Gives High Street Helping Hand with Search

    A Welcome Boost to the High Street Google will attempt to give the UK High Street a much needed boost. Google has teamed up with a start-up company called NearSt to help customers see what is available in their local shop via the web. The search results will give consumers information such as distance to […]

  • Marketing Trends That Will Redefine Retail In 2019

    The retail industry has evolved so much in recent years, it is going to develop even more in 2019. This is predominantly thanks to the advancements in the digital channels. Social channels, SEO and PPC has allowed for big companies to capitalise upon the amount of people who are willing to buy online. The face […]

  • Amazon Announces 'Biggest Ever' Black Friday Sale, Kicking Off Mid November

    Amazon UK claims it will offer its “biggest ever” Black Friday sale this year, with its mega discounts lasting over one week. This trend is being used more and more by online retailers, why just put the deals on for one day when you can provide the best deals the internet has to offer for […]

  • Amazon Launches 'Try Before You Buy' Fashion Service In The UK

    Amazon’s try before you buy system has recently been trialed in the US and it has been a great success, now it’s time to trial it in the UK. The idea of trying a piece of clothing on before buying it is one of the main reasons the public love to shop on the high […]

  • Google Chrome Update Will Protect Against Scams

    Google is set to update Google Chrome that will protect you against scammers trying to steal your data on the web. Google Chrome which is the most popular web browser with almost 60% of internet users using the web browser followed by Safari that holds almost 14% of internet usage. As part of the updates […]

  • Alibaba Breaks E-Commerce Record Raking in Roughly £24 Billion

    Alibaba China’s biggest e-commerce company has broken a e-commerce record raking in roughly £24 Billion in a 24 hour period. These stats are said to be eclipsing Amazon’s entire Black Friday event forecast. The event which is an annual event ran by Alibaba was up 27% over last years total. The event which falls on […]

  • High Street Retailer Debenhams Has Announced It Is Closing 50 Stores

    Debenhams has announced plans to close 50 stores, putting over 3500 jobs at risk, the high-street department store has said the closures will be spread over a 5-year period however, they have not released the list of stores set to close. As it stands, Debenhams has 166 branches across the UK, with the business previously […]

  • Amazon Creates 1,000 ‘Highly Skilled’ Jobs in the UK

    Amazon has recently revealed plans to create over 1,000 jobs in 3 major UK cities, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. At least 600 of the Manchester roles are ‘highly skilled’ and working on software, machine leaning and cloud computing. Amazon has also confirmed plans to expand both its Development Centres in Edinburgh and Cambridge, creating capacity […]