We’re a passionate team of award winning Shopify, SEO & Ecommerce Growth specialists that helps Shopify Entrepreneurs, START, GROW & SCALE. Our mission is to become the world’s #1 Shopify Agency for guaranteed business growth.

We get asked all the time why we started the ULTIMATE Retail Growth Program For Shopify so I thought I’d share with you its backstory…

As an award winning SEO and ecommerce marketing agency established in 2010, we know how to get a store to perform well in the search engines to achieve higher rankings, traffic and conversions.

It’s well documented in the SEO world that Shopify is far from perfect for SEO and achieving mass brand visibility in the search engines, so we never touched it, we just never got involved with the ‘cloud based’ Shopify platform, period. 

All you have to do is jump onto Google and search – SEO Issues Shopify and you’ll see our article #1 which describes what these issues are in detail.

But in 2015/16 when we started losing most if not all of our ecommerce clients to the Shopify platform from others like Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce and Big commerce, we just had to get involved with Shopify otherwise our business was just going to collapse.

We spent 2 years submitting development requests to Shopify after explaining to them how some technical changes could make it perform so much better in the search engines. 

We might as well have hit our heads against a brick wall. Why should they care, it wasn’t hindering their exponential growth was it?!

We just had to figure out how to fix Shopify’s SEO issues on our own. We researched all of the free and most expensive paid Shopify themes on the market and they were, and still are, built for looks and fancy features, not one of them was or still is, designed and engineered to perform in the search engines – we saw a huge opportunity.

We thought if we could build a theme that was designed and engineered to perform extremely well in the search engines by aligning it with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors AND…

If we could engineer a built-in product filter page system that UNLEASHED 100’s if not 1000’s more optimized, high converting landing pages in the search engines  without causing mass duplications, then we’d have exclusive Shopify tech that no-one else had ever developed before.

We’d have a world exclusive Shopify tech that could boost the traffic and conversions of ANY single Shopify store on the internet.

After months of trial and error, sleepless nights and $10,000’s of research, development and testing, we finally cracked the code and in 2019 we launched the world’s most algorithm aligned Shopify theme for SEO – if you type in best shopify theme for SEO you’ll see us #1 all over the world on English speaking search engines.

It has a page load speed under 1 second, will save you over $2800 on SEO and Conversion boosting apps and to to top it all off, it’s is the only Shopify theme in the world with built-in, optimized product filters that UNLEASH 100’s if not 1000’s more high converting landing pages in the search engines, GUARANTEED to increase your organic visibility by 1000%.

Combine this world exclusive tech with our award winning conversion optimization and growth methodologies then you have the ULTIMATE Retail Growth Program For Shopify.

We’ve engineered our theme and this program to help Shopify retailers compete and grow organically in the search engines. Scaling organically seems to have been ignored by most Shopify retailers, probably because they don’t know why they aren’t growing, they don’t know it’s possible to grow, or they simply don’t know how they can grow organically with Shopify. Well we most certainly do. I’m horrified at how many are doing it so wrong and wonder why they aren’t driving traffic – I want to help them and make a difference.

Running an online business can be quite challenging but not impossible. Most e-commerce businesses fail within the first year of starting them; this is why most people strive to acquire the right skills to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The typical setback is finding the right place to get these skills; however, there are now online platforms where you can get professional training that can help improve your e-commerce skills.

Established in 2010, we are located in North-Eastern England and we’re an award-winning digital marketing and Shopify agency that majors in design & development, technical support, Shopify themes, and online training.

We help businesses fulfil their digital marketing goals.

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