Elanic Infographic: A Detailed Look At Breast Cancer

We created this infographic in partnership with Elanic LTD, a leading cosmetic surgery in Glasgow to promote breast cancer awareness and also to inform women of the best way to check themselves for possible breast cancer issues. The infographic starts by informing readers of how cancer actually mutates within the human body. It then goes on to provide information on the 15 types of cancer they are, providing some information about the most common types of cancer. The infographic them explains what to look for to spot the early signs of breast cancer and also shows how to check the breast for possible signs of breast cancer.

The inforaphic is one half of a two part strategy that we launched to promote breast cancer awareness along with a breast cancer awareness quiz. The quiz itself can be found here – http://www.elanic.co.uk/BCQuiz/quiz.html and details about the quiz can found in our post ‘Elanic Quiz: Breast Cancer Quiz’.

Currently the infographic is doing very well and is experiencing a lot of social media activity including exposure from the Telegraph.

The infographic is below:

Elanic Infographic: A Detailed Look At Breast Cancer


Outreach Results

Outreach results to follow