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Fix Shopify’s major technical SEO issues and supercharge your organic rankings, traffic & revenue with the world’s most technically advanced AAP® Technology. Save over $2,474 per year on Shopify SEO apps.

Our built-in advanced SEO features and AAP® SEO Product Filters have been designed, developed and engineered by us here at award winning SEO Agency; Integrity Search. Our Shopify themes fix the biggest technical SEO issues facing every Shopify store owner that hinder organic performance in the search engines:

  • Slow Page Load Speed
  • Duplicate or Blocked Product Filter Pages
  • Keyword Conflicts & Canibalisation
  • Metadata Duplication
  • Content Duplication
  • Pagination Issues
  • Incoherent Canonicalization

Unlike every other SEO App in the Shopify App Store that retrospectively addresses just one or a few elements of the technical SEO process [such as structured data; broken internal links; basic metadata fixes; or basic image optimisation tools], our themes are a preemptive solution to maximise your organic performance ensuring your store is as technically aligned with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and known ranking factors, as it can be from day one, helping your store rank higher and sell more.

How Does it Work?

There are two key technically advanced elements to our themes:

1 – 50+ Advanced SEO & Conversion Boosting Features

2 – AAP® SEO Product Filters

AAP® Product Filters

Advanced SEO Features

These are built-in to our themes and are included in the theme price. These include:

Mobile-First Design

Fast loading, mobile-first & responsive designs engineered for the best possible UX on all devices.

Valid HTML5 Markup

We use the most up-to-date HTML5 markup to ensure full compatibility across all modern browsers and devices.

Optimised JavaScript Code

Streamlined and optimised JavaScript code so unnecessary, heavy duty assets don’t slow your page load speed down.

Cutting Edge CSS

This theme uses the latest cutting edge technology built around the Twitter Bootstrap framework for dynamic, creative & optimised page layouts.

Fully Compressed Assets

We compress and minify all JavaScript and CSS files used in in the theme to aim for page load speed under 1 second.

Optimised Canonical Programming

Our unique canonical programming completely eliminates site-wide duplication issues.

Structured Data Markup

Enhance your appearance and improve click through rates in the search engines with built in Structured Data Markup.

Open Graph Markup

Optimise content promotion outreach potential across social networks with built in Open Graph Markup.

Product Page Filters

Up to 8 non-conflicting product filters for the sidebar to organise products without collection page duplication penalties.

AAP® SEO Product Filters

aap product filters

The main issue with Shopify SEO is duplicate product filter pages that are either penalized by Google, or are blocked from the search engines altogether. Our SEO Product Filters can only work with our themes but the benefits of these are enormous to any Shopify store owner who wishes to have non-conflicting, uniquely optimised product filter pages.

“Every other Shopify App for Product Filters in the world blocks their filter pages from the search engines which means that your store is losing out on a substantial amount of revenue generating traffic.”

They do this by canonicalizing the filter page URL back to the root Collection page or by blocking the filter page URL from the search engines all together. Take a look at this colour filter for ‘black body-con dresses‘ on a well known, global fashion brand:

The hashtag after ‘dresses’ tells the search engines to ignore everything after it. In fashion, the highest converting search terms are usually for colour and sizes. This site doesn’t have an optimised landing page for ‘black bodycon dresses’. Think of the traffic and conversions this store is losing out on.

Here’s another example on a global fashion store that canonicalizing the filter page URL for ‘blue’ knee length dresses back to the root Collection page missing out on high converting traffic.

Our Shopify APP for product filters allows you unleash 1000’s and 1000’s of uniquely optimised filter pages in the search engines to generate substantially more organic traffic.

The App works by dynamically generating unique and optimised, URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags and content for every product filter page, completely eliminating duplication issues and all of the above technical SEO issues previously mentioned. The days of having to canonical your filter page URLs, missing out on 1000’s upon 1000’s of high converting searches are over.

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How Can You Purchase this SEO APP for your Shopify Store?

For now, this sophisticated AAP® Technology only works with our Shopfiy Themes. They are not currently available in the Shopify Theme Store

This theme is suitable for any sector and is available to Shopify & Shopify Plus subscribers who are serious about supercharging their SEO and organic performance. We genuinely believe this is the best Shopify App in the world that money can buy to supercharge your organic performance. Our themes have been engineered by Shopify SEO experts and there’s nothing else quite like it.

Please kindly get in touch using this contact form or call us on +44 1642 927 769 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.