Shopify SEO: The Definitive Guide

This article about Shopify SEO will provide you with some guidance, support and training on how to improve your organic Rankings, Traffic & Sales with Shopify SEO. Since 2010, along with my dedicated team, we’ve helped deliver organic growth for over 750 clients, so we know a thing… Read More

migrating to shopify

Migrating to Shopify: The Ultimate Guide by Shopify Migration Experts

If you’re one of the 100,000’s of retailers that are thinking of making the switch to Shopify’s cloud-based ecommerce platform then please stop what you’re doing and continue to read this post which will guide you through the key issues you’ll face before making making the switch. It could save you $1000’s of lost revenue.

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The Best Shopify Theme For SEO & Why

We’ve been re-engineering Shopify themes for fashion to help them perform better in the search engines for the last few years. We got tired of unraveling other people’s technical mess that hindered SEO so we embarked upon a journey to build the best SEO performing Shopify themes for clothing & fashion in the world.

shopify app for seo

Shopify SEO App

Fix Shopify’s major technical SEO issues and supercharge your organic rankings, traffic & revenue with the world’s most technically advanced Shopify theme for SEO with AAP® Product Filters. Save over $2,474 per year on Shopify SEO apps.

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5 Major Technical SEO Issues with Shopify & The Solution

Shopify has over 800,000 subscribers using their e-commerce platform and yet it still has a number of common technical SEO issues. Great for multi-channel retailing but not perfect for organic performance. Here’s a list of the main technical SEO issues with Shopify and a recommended Shopify Theme that overcomes them.

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Fashion Brands Must Improve Digital Marketing

More & more consumers are buying clothes online, so much so that the share of e-commerce sales is set to grow from 20% today to 25% percent by 2020. According to a joint research study by international market place Zalando and consultancy firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In today’s market is vital for fashion brands to have a solid online marketing strategy.


E-Commerce Continues to Grow Amid Turmoil on the High Street

E-Commerce Continues to Show its Strength The Office for National Statistics have recently released data on how E-Commerce is performing in the UK. This news brings good news for online retail and search marketing agencies but more stress to a already suffering High Street. The stats released performance… Read More