Shopify Marketing

We’ve been helping retailers achieve their digital marketing objectives since 2010 and we offer an extensive range of award winning Shopify Marketing services to help you grow your business online.

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Shopify SEO

We are the only company in the world that can supply Integrity Commerce® themes. These are the best, and most technically advanced Shopify themes in the world for SEO. They are the only themes in the world with built-in, fully optimizable product filter/tag pages. This technology unleashes your filter page URLs in the search engines, unlike every other collection page filter app on the market that blocks them from the search engines altogether. This SEO technology will supercharge your organic visibility within weeks. If your SEO service isn’t providing you with a solution to this issue, then surely isn’t it time you switched? Learn more here: Ecommerce SEO Services & here: Ecommerce SEO Pricing.

Shopify Paid Search

As your multi-channel marketing strategy grows, we’ll help you increase your product exposure in the ‘paid for’ search results, starting with Google. The Google Shopping Comparison service is an extremely cost effective channel for conversions. We can help you optimize your product feed for maximum exposure in the Google Shopping results. We’d typically expect you get achieve around about a 600% monthly ROI from your monthly Ad spend which we’d recommend to be no less than £20 per day.

For more advanced campaigns, we can help you manage and maximize your monthly ROI from Ad spend with search, mobile, display and retargeting campaigns. As a certified Google Partner, we have have a proven track record of delivering significant growth and ROI for our clients. The amount we charge for monthly management will depend on how much you spend each month. We charged fixed fees not percentages and there’s no long term contract tie ins. Learn more here: Paid Search Services.

More services to be added – please contact us for further details about any of our Shopify services.