Integrity Commerce® with AAP® Technology: The best Shopify theme for SEO

The best Shopify Theme for SEO on the market. Designed & built by award winning ecommerce SEO experts. Suitable for small, medium and enterprise level retailers with extremely large or small inventories who are looking for ways to improve and maximise their organic performance and revenue.

This highly advanced Shopify theme is ideal for retailers in any sector such as fashion, jewellery, home furnishings, home and garden, sports & leisure, electronics and more.


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We have engineered a Premium Shopify Theme [not available in the theme store] called Integrity Commerce®; with built in AAP® Technology. We genuinely believe it is the best Shopify Theme for SEO on the market because of many advanced SEO features, including our unique dynamic filtering system technology which completely removes the technical SEO ‘duplication’ issue in the Shopify platform. This theme is aligned with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and best known ranking factors for maximum organic performance in search engines.

Why Integrity Commerce®?

This highly advanced theme has been engineered by award winning SEO, developers and search marketing experts that have been re-engineering ecommerce stores since 2010. We know what performs and what doesn’t. Shopify is known for having high level technical SEO issues that hinder a sites performance in the search engines. We have have fixed them. Our purpose is to make enterprise level site performance and support affordable to small, medium and large retailers across the globe. Retail has never been so competitive, so get ahead with our cutting edge Shopify theme. Faster, lighter, easier to use than Magento and other complex and cumbersome ecommerce platforms that are extremely expensive to host, develop, manage and maintain. Take back control and full ownership of your ecommerce store with our solution.

1 – Integrity Commerce Theme Loads Pages in Under 1 Second

Google suggests that 53% of traffic is lost if your page load speed is more than 3 seconds. Our optimised Shopify theme loads pages in under 1 second! Most themes load unnecessary assets slowing your page load speed down.

Pagel Load Speed Test

2 – Reduces Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO issues with Shopify will be fixed instantly. In just over 4 weeks, has experienced a significant reduction of technical SEO issues fuelling organic growth and the whole new site structure still hasn’t fully indexed.

More pages crawled, improved SEO audit score form 77 to 88, technical issues reduced by 112,990, severe technical errors reduced by 95,385 and 0 broken internal links or duplication. We offer free technical SEO audits to retailers using any type of platform.

3 – Instant Organic Visibility Growth

In just 4 weeks from migrating from another extremely popular Shopify theme, saw a 21.39% organic visibility growth. You will see an significant organic increase in organic visibility within weeks using Integrity Commerce®; with built in AAP® Technology.

Organic visibility growth chart

4 – Shopify Store Theme v Integrity Commerce®

Themes from the Shopify StoreIntegrity Commerce® with built in AAP®
Built by individual web designers who are not SEO or ecommerce search marketing experts.Integrity Commerce® has been designed, developed and engineered by award winning ecommerce search marketing specialists who have been helping retailers maximise organic performance since 2010. On average, we increase annual year on year revenue for our clients by an average of 295% and we work with some of the largest retailers in their sectors.
Lack of performance responsibility.Theme store developers don’t take responsibility for how well your site performs in the search engines once it goes live, we do.
Feature overloads that slow your store down.Developers overload themes with unnecessary features, functionality and assets that slow your store down. Integrity Commerce® is built for maximum speed performance across all devices. This theme’s page load speed is under 1 second.
Severe technical SEO issues that hinder organic performance.Integrity Commerce® fixes major technical SEO issues with the Shopify platform including keyword, content and metadata duplication as well as pagination and canonicalisation issues that significantly improve organic visibility, rankings, traffic and revenue.
Lack of fast, professional support.Integrity Commerce® is supported by a UK based support team of Shopify and search marketing experts. We take pride on the first class email and telephone customer service support that we provide for our clients.
Lack of bespoke development suppport. Individual theme developers don’t have time to support their theme users and offer additional, bespoke web development and design services to their clients, we do.
No additional search marketing services.As well as web development services, we offer and extensive range of award winnning search marketing services incluing SEO, PPC, Product Feed Optimisation, Google Shopping Feed Optimisation, Google Merchant Feed Integration & Website Migration to help grow your online retail business.
Themes are not algorithm aligned.No other Shopify theme in the world, other than Integrity Commerce® has our unique, built in AAP® technology which will keep your store aligned with Google’s, algorithms, quality guidelines and known ranking factors that will ‘supercharge’ your organic performance and revenue.

Advanced AAP® SEO Features

Dynamic Filter Page URLs

Up to 8 customisable product page filters with dynamically generated urls, optimised for maximum organic visibility without collection page duplication.

Dynamic & Unique Meta Titles

Dynamically generated Meta titles ensure no keyword conflicts or cannibalisation.

Dynamic & Unique Meta Descriptions

Dynamic meta descriptions are generated ensuring every filter page is uniquely optimised.

Dynamic & Unique H1 Tags

Unique collection page H1 titles will are dynamically generated so they don’t conflict with page meta titles.

Unique Indexable Content

On-page content is dynamically generated ensuring unique content on previously ‘un-editable’ pages.

Optimised Canonical Programming

Our unique canonical programming ensures no duplicate content penalties on any page.

Technical SEO Features

Optimised JavaScript Code

We streamline and optimise JavaScript code so unnecessary assets don’t slow your site down.

Valid HTML5 Markup

We use the most up-to-date HTML5 markup to ensure full compatibility across all modern browsers and devices.

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design ensures your store will be fully responsive across all mobile desktop & tablet devices.

Cutting Edge CSS

We build our sites using only the latest cutting edge technology, built around the Twitter Bootstrap framework for dynamic, creative & optimised layouts.

Fully Compressed Assets

We endeavour to compress and minify all JavaScript and CSS files used in your site to ensure maximum page load speed.

Future Proof

We remove the need for old browser compatibility in favour of making your site future proof for all upcoming browsers and technologies.

Theme Features

Dynamic Banners

Create unique and original layouts using our powerful custom built banner module.

Responsive Mega Menus

Our mega menus don’t just look good on desktop, they look and perform superbly on mobile too.

Dynamic Live Search

Your visitors can view products instantly as they type in the search term, which makes searching quicker and more dynamic.

Stylish Blog

Add a modern looking blog with a customisable sidebar to showcase your brand’s content to your targeted audience.

If you’d like to learn more about our basic features and how the best Shopify theme for SEO will supercharge your organic performance & revenue using our unique algorithm aligned technology; please email us using the form below or call us on +44 (0) 1642 927 769 for a live demo. Try out Shopify for free here